19 of our favorite things from 2019

If you follow along on our social media channels, you probably kept up with Viictor, the Viibrant elf, helping us celebrate 19 of our favorite things from this past year (check him out practicing his daily yoga below!) If you missed out, no worries! We have gone ahead and recapped all 19 below for you!

  1. Viictor the Viibrant elf’s favorite thing about registering for events is being able to add them to his Google Calendar so he never misses a morning yoga class!
  2.  Viictor enjoys scheduling maintenance requests through WorxHub within the portal, so he isn’t stuck trimming his hedges himself.
  3. Seeing if the joke Viictor submitted last week, made it onto the portal or not every morning, is his favorite way to start the day followed by a much needed cup of coffee
  4.  Viictor is looking forward to messaging his best elf friend, Bob, about sneaking desserts from the kitchen at midnight.
  5.  Viictor loves checking out joke books from the community library to help provide inspiration for his daily pun submissions!
  6.  Food. Food is Viictor’s favorite. thing. ever. He loves being able to log into the portal and check his meal account balance to prepare for his next meal, of course.
  7. Seeing all of the latest community documents digitally is another advantage of the portal Viictor enjoys! He also encourages other residents to utilize the digital functionality to minimize paper and help the go-green effort.
  8. Convenience – it’s what Viictor loves most about being able to make dining reservations on the portal! No more calling two different departments, having to hold, find out what’s available etc. He can do it all within the portal in less than 2 minutes!
  9.  Viictor loves to buy and sell items on the marketplace forum in the portal. That’s where he found front row tickets to the big game.
  10. The holidays mean a lot of shopping for Viictor. He loves that he can schedule a Lyft on the portal and get a ride anytime.
  11. Being able to schedule digital signage and in house television slides in advance, so Viictor and other residents are always seeing the most up to date community information is the best! Viictor enjoys his morning cup of coffee and tuning into channel 999 to see what’s happening today in the community!
  12. Residents of Viibrant Estates love bocce ball! They love it so much, Viictor helped spearhead a custom bocce ball reservation system so residents will never have to worry about overbooking the court again!
  13. Scheduling a room for Viictor’s annual Christmas party is a top priority! With his communities room booking system, he can easily reserve his desired room and even request catering.
  14. On-the go and not near a mobile device or computer? No worries! Viictor’s favorite feature of voice technology in his community is being able to place dining to go orders by just telling Alexa.
  15. Being able to engage with other residents of Viibrant Estates based on your clubs & committees through the resident directory helps Viictor easily navigate all of his friends on the Resident Council Committee to plan future meetings, discuss Resident Council topics and more!
  16. Now that staff of Viibrant Estates can quickly generate the monthly calendars within seconds, they had time to go bowling with Viictor and the other residents.
  17. No more paper sign-ups for residents and staff to worry about! With event registration through the portal staff can easily keep track of all attendees and residents, like Viictor, will never have to worry about paper sign ups again!
  18. In a hurry to look up other residents of your community? Viictor can ask Alexa to look up any resident within his community and Alexa will tell him all of the information he needs to know!
  19. Since Viictor is spending the new year in Hawaii, he decided to turn off his portal notifications.

2019 was a wonderful year for all of us at Viibrant! We look forward to an even better 2020 ahead. Happy New Year, from all of us at Viibrant.

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