Why In-House TV May Be Harming Your Residents

For years, companies have marketed in-house TV channels to senior living communities. In-house TV has in fact been touted as the standard for senior living technology, a way to get seniors in the community all the information they could ever want or need without leaving the comfort of their living room.

But is it possible that this thinking has been all wrong? While the popular thought has been that in-house TV is what’s best for residents, has it actually been hurting them? Here are three reasons in-house TV should be left behind for better systems.

1. In-house TV keeps residents sedentary.

Researchers have shown that greater TV time is significantly related to increased risk for physical disability, especially walking disability.¹ In-house TV keeps residents dependent on their screen and forces them to continuously watch for new information while waiting through other announcements. This is detrimental to health.

2. In-house TV keeps residents isolated.

In-house TV provides information to residents, but it does nothing to stimulate interaction with the technology or with others. Instead, it keeps your residents by themselves – in front of the TV – with no ability to accomplish tasks or connect with others. Why not switch to a system that works with mobile devices so that your residents can utilize the technology on the go while they’re out and about in the company of others?

3. In-house TV is difficult to use.

In-house TV makes signing up for activities and events a multi-step process, thereby discouraging residents from engaging with their communities.

There’s a better way

In-house TV might not be all that it’s cracked up to be. However, paired with or supplemented by a system that allows your residents to get active, to interact with the technology and with others and to truly engage with their communities, it can better serve your community.  Better physical, mental and social well-being will result.


¹ https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/319170.php

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