Top Four Things to Look for in a Resident Engagement Platform

Too often, choosing the right resident engagement platform for your community is confusing enough to make your head spin. The endless features and possibilities that accompany each platform can overwhelm. How do you determine what’s most essential?

Not to worry – we’ve done the hard work for you and collected a list of the four things that are essential for a successful resident engagement platform.

1. Variety of solutions for easy access

The ideal resident engagement platform can be molded to fit your needs – and that includes molding to the devices you choose. Whether your residents prefer laptops, smartphones, kiosks or even voice technology like Alexa, your resident engagement platform should integrate seamlessly with their chosen device. Moreover, you should have the ability to create and share information instantly – from anywhere – across a modular, synchronized and secure system.

2. Comprehensive feature set

A successful platform needs to offer a variety of features so that processes and communications are centralized. The ideal systems go beyond cumbersome slideshows that are ineffective, unattractive and time-consuming to create. Look for all-in-one systems that offer an array of features such as dining reservations, menus and to-go orders, event registration, service requests, calendars and appointment bookings.

3. Customizable for your unique community

Your community is one of a kind, and your resident engagement platform should be, too.  It should complement your unique identity by incorporating your own brand and culture with a customized look and feel.

4. Integration-friendly to tie multiple systems together

Your resident engagement platform should have the ability to seamlessly integrate with any open third-party system your community uses. There’s no need for residents and staff to navigate a myriad of websites or remember multiple passwords in order to accomplish tasks. Instead, a confusing jumble of websites should become one clean, easy-to-use interface where residents can seamlessly communicate with one another and with staff. Your platform should therefore integrate with operations software such as WorxHub, point-of-sale systems such as FullCount and electronic medical record systems such as MatrixCare.

Now that you have an idea of what to look for, it’s time to find the best resident engagement platform for your community so that you can get back to focusing on what’s important: your residents.

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