Alexa Voice Profiles and Viibrant

Do you have multiple people using one Amazon Echo device?

With Amazon Alexa Voice Profiles, you can now teach Alexa your voice. Through creating your own voice profile, Alexa knows who is speaking and responds based off of your voice. This makes it easier for families or couples who use the same Echo device to keep their information separate. Through recognizing specific voices, Alexa creates personalized experiences for each user. This feature benefits Viibrant users that share Echo devices in residential communities through ensuring Alexa accesses the right Viibrant account based on the user’s voice.

Set up Alexa Voice Profiles

Each person using the Echo device can create their own voice profile using the Amazon Alexa app on a smartphone. Through a few short voice recording exercises, Alexa learns your voice and remembers it. To ensure Alexa knows your voice, ask the device, “Alexa, who am I?” Alexa will reply and tell you who it thinks you are and which account you are currently using. This creates a more customized user experience because Alexa can keep calendars, contacts and other personalized information separate.

Alexa Voice Profiles and Viibrant

Because Alexa Voice Profiles allows users to create individual profiles, Viibrant users who share Echo devices will benefit. Now, Alexa knows who is talking to the device, which allows the response to be personally tailored to their specific Viibrant account. For couples that share a device at home, they can access their own schedule and sign up for events in the community.

Voice Profiles eliminates confusion for Echo device users because it allows Alexa to keep individual calendars separate. You no longer need to have a joint calendar for every user because Alexa recognizes your voice and will respond based on your profile. Voice Profiles ensures each user’s Viibrant experience is personalized based on who is speaking.

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