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How we're different

...from cookie-cutter systems
We tailor each community’s system for a truly customized experience. Each Viibrant solution can be modified functionally and aesthetically to match a community’s unique needs.
...from digital signage systems
We think beyond cumbersome slideshows that are ineffective, unattractive and time-consuming to create. Viibrant's signage solution is auto-generated, professionally designed and doesn’t require expensive hardware.
...from resident engagement apps
We create comprehensive, all-in-one systems to engage residents in more ways than with activities and social connectedness. We also provide convenient, useful tools for managing day-to-day tasks, such as making dinner reservations.

Features for every solution to help communities stay connected in a variety of ways.

Choose from a variety of available features to support solutions and give your community the tools to stay more connected than ever before.
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