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Viibrant Core is the senior living software your community needs to digitize processes, streamline communication, and better serve your residents.

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We create customized software for senior living communities.

The technology solutions your community needs to better the lives of your residents.

Viibrant Core is a customizable engagement technology system created specifically for senior living communities. Our user-friendly system facilitates resident engagement and staff work-flow efficiencies so that you can achieve streamlined operations in your community. Viibrant Core streamlines community operations such as resident tracking, dining reservations, activity calendar generation, event registration, transportation services, and so much more.


Our centralized management dashboard sets us apart from our competitors. We make it easy to digitize your community and streamline processes with an all-in-one dashboard that controls all of the solutions and features you need to better communicate among residents and staff. There’s no need to have separate systems that keep you from working efficiently! Our dashboard allows your administration to manage your mobile app, digital signage, resident portal, maintenance requests, and more from one centralized location. We know what your community needs to succeed, and Viibrant Core is the solution for you.

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We aim to provide senior living communities with the communication tools they need for the fastest, most
effective way to communicate with residents and operate efficiently on a digital platform. Below are our most
popular channels and features we offer for Viibrant Core.

We create interactive systems that target resident leading needs.

We’re all about equipping your management dashboard with technology solutions that’ll solve the issues within each of these services.

Dining Reservations

Give your residents access to dining menus and the capability to place reservations at your community’s dining venues.

  • Book Reservations
  • Menus
  • ToGo Ordering
  • Delivery Orders
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Manage events for all of your community in one place. Provide your residents with an instant way to collect RSVPs and attendee information. This feature offers resident tracking and reporting to see a full breakdown of event attendance as well.

  • Event registration
  • Attendee Tracking
  • Reporting
  • Mass Emailing


Help your maintenance team succeed with faster turnaround times and better management of maintenance requests. Your community deserves a way to address issues and repairs in a timely manner.

  • Document Sharing
  • Appointment Bookings
  • Push Notifications


Instead of recreating a calendar of events each and every month, our calendar generator feature allows communities to quickly create, manage, and display calendars all from one place.

  • One-time or recurring events
  • Save & reuse past calendars
  • Print or display on digital signage
  • Great for resident engagement teams, fitness teams, and others

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A variety of Features

Looking for a little bit more? Viibrant customizes your community with these features to make your management dashboard and resident portal exactly what your community envisions.

  • Interactive Salon appointments
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Guest Room Reservations
  • Meeting Room Reservations
  • Pick-your-seat Dining Reservations
  • Bocce Ball Reservations

Our internet-based system can be accessed
across a variety of technology devices

We know how intimidating it may seem to transition your community to a digital space. That’s why we meet your community where you are! As a device-agnostic engagement platform, our solutions can be used across any device you use.

  • Personal Computer
  • Mobile Phone
  • Ipad & Tablet
  • Interactive Kiosk
  • Smart Home Technology
  • In-Home Television


  • Full access to a dedicated Viibrant Account Manager and IT support to answer questions and customize your community’s interface
  • On-site training and implementation to ensure your administration understands the software and can make an easy transition
  • Share documents, send emergency alerts, and manage both staff and resident directories within the management dashboard
  • Generate calendars and distribute them to residents through the resident portal or via digital signage throughout your community


  • Individual access for each resident so that they can see information that is pertinent to them
  • Schedule events, appointments, transportation, and dining services through the online resident portal
  • View community announcements and receive instant push notifications for quick, direct communication so residents are always in-the-know
  • Schedule maintenance services online so that staff can more quickly access requests and update the residents accordingly.