Safety in the In-Between
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Safety in the In-Between

After following strict COVID-19 restrictions for a few months, many communities are antsy for a return to normalcy. At the same time, COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere, and with older adults at a higher risk for coronavirus, it can be difficult to know how to proceed. In some ways, figuring out safe, cautious ways to return to life can be even more difficult than being under full lockdown.  

Looking to balance community and safety during the in-between? Here are a few strategies for returning to beloved pastimes without putting residents and staff at risk.

Move Fitness Classes Outdoors

Put an empty parking lot or grassy area to good use and let residents participate in fitness classes six feet apart out of doors. Limit class size, clearly mark each participant’s ‘bubble’, and ask residents to bring their own equipment, if any equipment is needed.

Set Up “Dinner Dates”

Set up an outdoor dining area (individual chairs and tables, at least six feet apart) and let residents reserve appointments to enjoy a meal with one another. Residents can bring their own meal or order to-go from your dining room.

Outdoor Talent Show

We’ve all picked up some new hobbies over the past few months, and there’s a good chance your residents have, too! Set up an outdoor venue where residents can show off their skills in art, music, etc. at different stations. Residents can visit the different stations one by one while wearing masks to enjoy a socially distant talent show.

Thinking these ideas sound interesting, but too complicated to implement? Viibrant is here to help. From dining reservations to fitness class scheduling, Viibrant makes senior living easy with our customizable resident engagement platform. We have products for every community and every budget. 

Talk to one of our team members about how we can help your community in the in-between.