Community Hiighlights

Community Hiighlights

You inspire us! As we continue to navigate social distancing, many communities are finding creative ways to keep their residents engaged, safe, and healthy. Here are some of the ways Viibrant is helping communities respond to Covid-19.


Grocery forms: Many of our communities are now using interactive grocery forms to shop for their residents. Residents can choose their preferred brand and enter descriptions of the items they would like.


Wellbeing calendar: Most community events are canceled and activity calendars look different during this time. Provide a sense of consistency and familiarity to residents by continuing to post your calendars. One of our communities in Michigan created a self care calendar to encourage their residents to practice healthy habits each day of the month. One idea from their calendar is to set a day where residents write encouraging messages and tape them to their door.


Contests: A community in Washington encourages engagement through a photo contest. Residents can submit photos about how they are spending their time during social distancing. This encourages residents to do something they enjoy for a chance to be in their community newsletter.


Zoom Fitness Classes: Communities are staying active together! Many of our communities have continued their residents favorite fitness classes virtually. Ask a team member how your community can add this to your calendar! Let us know the creative ways you are responding in your community. How are you staying connected?