10 Solutions to Help your Community Navigate the COVID-19 Outbreak

10 Solutions to Help your Community Navigate the COVID-19 Outbreak

We understand that social distancing can be frightening and uncomfortable especially for senior residents in your communities. We believe that Viibrant can help keep residents connected without unnecessary stress. Here are ten ways to keep your residents engaged:

1.  Daily GamesLink to online entertainment on the mobile app or Web Portal to keep residents engaged. Ask us about our favorite sites!

2.  Food Deliveryduring this time most dining rooms are closed, but residents can easily order meals from their internet-connected device. Each order will trigger a staff alert or print out.

3.  Alerts another way residents can get the most up-to-date information and services directly to their smartphone, desktop, Alexa device, or TV.

4.  In-House TVKeep your residents updated with community announcements in the comfort of their homes.

5.  Amazon Alexa Voiceresidents can even listen to announcements, order meals, and sign up for virtual classes without lifting a (washed) hand. Just ask us how Alexa can serve your community.”

6.  SPIRO100help your residents stay active through Spiro100, an online community wellness program that is free for the first 30 days!

7.  Puzzles: a great way for residents to step away from technology and exercise their brains. Our employees at Viibrant love puzzles and are virtually competing to see who can achieve the fastest time during our own social distancing.

8.  Facetime a Friend: to feel less alone, residents can video chat with their favorite people who aren’t able to visit.

9.  Virtual Arts and Crafts: channel your inner Bob Ross and send residents a tutorial video of a craft they can create at home.

10.  Go Outside: as long as residents distance themselves from others, health professionals still recommend getting fresh air. Let residents know it’s okay to take a walk and wave at neighbors from afar!