Integration Partner: WorxHub
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Integration Partner: WorxHub

Viibrant is a proud integration partner with WorxHub. Together, we seek to create ease of use for our customers by simplifying the work order process. Being the only provider to offer two way communication sets us apart from the rest and creates reliability for both staff and residents. 

No more having to monitor both your resident portal and your WorxHub system! With our WorxHub integration all work order requests that a resident submits within the portal are sent directly to your community’s WorxHub system. Admins will never miss a work order again with the added convenience of all work orders appearing directly into your community’s WorxHub account.

What do residents love the most about the Viibrant + WorxHub integration?

The #1 thing we hear from our residents that they enjoy the most is: two way communication. What exactly does two way communication offer?

  • Ability to see the status of your work order when it is updated by the admin within WorxHub
  • Every time a user views the work order section of the portal they will see the most up to date work order status. This creates ease for the user; as they are able to see live updates of their work order status, no more having to call or email the appropriate department to check the status of their work order.

Users can even cancel or amend work orders within the portal, and admin would be notified via WorxHub! With Viibrant + WorxHub we simplify processes and offer added convenience.