Employee Spotlight: Stephen Allen



Meet Stephen Allen,

Director of Sales at Viibrant


As Director of Sales, Stephen Allen is a valuable member of the Viibrant team. He first arrived at the company after being intrigued by an industry article written by Patrick Smith, founder and president of Viibrant.  Previously, Stephen was a golf professional at some of the most prestigious clubs in the country (golfing with Arnold Palmer and other luminaries), which led to a career in merchandising/buying, where his natural ability for understanding and anticipating clients’ needs became obvious. Stephen was, in fact, named Merchandiser of the Year for the Carolinas PGA, and these skills have proved quite valuable in his role at Viibrant.

As Stephen’s describes, “Our industry is ever-changing, and, instead of putting forth ideas about how to keep up, providers must think outside of the box and think about how we can see the future.  I love being a part of something bigger than just ourselves.  We have an incredible opportunity to positively impact seniors’ lives, and seeing so many interact with the system we are providing makes it all worthwhile.”

Let’s get to know Stephen more personally…

What three words best describe you?  Selfless, polite, passionate

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us.  I’m a karaoke champion.

What’s your favorite quote?  “There are two ways to do things…the right way and again.”

What’s your personal mantra?  Be kind.  Give back.  And, above all, never give up.

When are you the happiest?  When I’m around happy people

What do you like to do in your spare time?  I’m a homebody, and I enjoy spending time with my wife and son.

What’s your favorite line from a movie?  “Life is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you’re gonna’ get.” – Forrest Gump

If you had to eat one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be?  Pizza!

If you could meet anyone in the world, dead or alive, whom would it be and why?  I’ve been fortunate to meet so many people from my time in golf, but the one who has escaped me is Bono.

What’s the best book you have ever read?  Fearless by Eric Blehm

What’s your biggest pet peeve?  People who are chronically late (or those who don’t say, “Please” or  “Thank you”)

How has Viibrant helped you in your career development?  It’s helped me be more independent in my decision-making and more responsible for driving a specific department.  

What are three lessons you’ve learned through your career?  1) Don’t focus on things outside of my control and focus instead on what I CAN control.  2) Understand the “Why?” 3) Practice humility. Success means recognizing that you’re not the solution to every problem.  If you fail to recognize that, you’re likely to fail.

How can people reach you should they wish to connect?  I’d love to talk.  Feel free to reach out via phone or email:

Stephen Allen

O: 984-234-5287 / M: 732-580-1451