Stay connected from the couch
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Stay connected from the couch

With Viibrant’s in-house TV solution, residents are able to stay updated on what’s happening in their community without leaving the comfort of home. The solution is easy to install, easy to use and easy to enjoy. It’s one compact box that allows a resident to view digital signage on an assigned TV channel (or channels) within his or her individual residence. With in-house TV, residents can watch live-streamed videos, scheduled slideshows, movies, social media feeds and much more.

Managed through a cloud-based dashboard, the in-house TV system is a simple device that creates a specific TV channel for this purpose. Community administrators can then access it remotely and sync it with other solutions.

The system is fully integrated with all Viibrant features, and updates are automatic, which centralizes the communication process and eliminates manual entry and dual processes.

Learn more at https://Viibrant.com/in-house-tv/