Digital Signage 2.0

Digital Signage 2.0


Viibrant is committed to helping our communities stay on the cutting edge of technology and communicate more efficiently. That’s why when our communities asked for an automated digital signage solution, we knew we had to make it a top priority.

Over the last 12 months, we listened to feedback from more than 40 communities who were looking for a hands-off approach to manage digital signage. After many hours spent testing and developing, we are excited to announce our best-in-class digital signage solution.

Our new system is fully integrated with all Viibrant features, and automatically updates based on your community’s portal, eliminating the administrative hassle and tedium of coordinating and updating schedules. Other features include:

  • Autofilled slides with events, dining and announcements
  • Customizable themes, imagery, text and colors
  • Time, weather and scrolling notice widgets
  • Ability to embed HTML, video and social media feeds
  • Slides can be scheduled to show in advance and/or on a recurring basis
  • Branded footer across all slides
  • Sync your digital signage system directly with common space TVs or to in-house TV channels

We’re confident that this solution will minimize the time communities spend on their digital signage so that they can get back to what’s important – creating a safe and friendly community where residents can thrive.