Voice Activation Technology Use Among Seniors
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Voice Activation Technology Use Among Seniors

We speak, tech replies.

“Alexa, what is voice activation technology?”

Voice activation technology has become increasingly popular since Amazon’s 2014 release of the smartspeaker product line known as the Echo. The Amazon Echo device line is powered by a digital assistant, who answers to the name Alexa. Since the Echo, the use of digital personal assistants like Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana have increased. This revolutionary technology has made simple tasks like searching Google for the best restaurant near your house hands free. Now, you can ask your voice-command device just about anything and receive an answer in seconds.

The future of voice activation technology is expansive- from improving customer relations to confirming events on your calendar, and even ensuring you take your medicine on time. Hands free technology is going to become more integrated into our lives as companies create more applications for it.

I’m sure many of you are wondering how this voice activation technology even works? It is confusing, but we have the basics down. For example, let’s look at the Amazon Echo powered by Alexa. In each Echo, there is a small computer that can carry out simple tasks like dimming the lights or playing music. However, the real “brains” of Alexa come from Amazon’s cloud-computing service. This allows Alexa to tap into the all-knowing universe: the internet.  

“Alexa, what does voice activation do for seniors?”

We are glad you asked! Voice activation technology has many implications on the lives of seniors. Today, we are narrowing in on the benefits of using digital intelligent assistants for seniors with mobility and sight difficulties.

Senior living communities are testing the waters with voice activation technology to improve safety and quality of life for residents. For adults with vision problems, voice activation technology can read news and weather updates. Also, Amazon’s Alexa has the capability to read books, text messages and emails to users. Alexa can even help craft a written response through voice commands. Those with sight restraints do not have to rely on a caretaker to help them through daily activities. Now, through the power of voice, communicating and being aware of the surrounding world has become much easier.

The benefits of voice activation technology do not stop there. New applications for the Amazon Echo provide first aid assistance and help during emergencies. We’re all familiar with the sensors that monitor if someone has fallen, and the fact that most people who own these end up taking them off. No need to worry though because Alexa is capable of calling nurses and loved ones for help during emergencies. Through the hands free use of intelligent digital assistants, we can find peace of mind knowing if there is an emergency involving an adult that is alone, all they have to do is call Alexa for help.

Advanced technology like this is not just for millennials. In three short years since Amazon launched the Echo powered by Alexa, voice activation technology use has skyrocketed across all age groups. As applications and new uses for voice activation technology expand and intelligent digital assistants get smarter, the benefits for seniors will only improve. 

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