Three Features Your Residents Want
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Three Features Your Residents Want

While working directly with community residents and staff for over a year on our Viibrant software, we’ve heard resident requests ranging from movie showtimes to senior speed dating. Your community intranet should at least have the bare essentials: event registration, calendars, dining menus, etc., but there are some other key additional features that may not seem obvious at first.

Here are three features that residents have been asking for that we’ve incorporated into our system.

View Event Attendees!

“Who is going to the event?” We’ve had the question asked many times, and our system provides an answer. Senior communities, particularly those who are advertised as “active living,” should prioritize events — that’s no secret. But many facilities do not display which residents/members are actually attending the events, or they do so in a way that’s not easy to access.

Guess what? Your community members want to know what their friends are doing. And they want to know without having to pick up their phone or walk to your events department. Our system allows users to view who is attending events — or not, depending on what your staff chooses to show. We’d highly recommend allowing your members to view attendees, as it is consistently one of the highest-priority items on their “wants” list.

Cancel My Event!

Does this sound like your community?

  • Users sign up for events in a notebook or sign-up sheet
  • That notebook/sign-up sheet is in the front office and managed by an events coordinator
  • If someone wants to sign up for an event, they either call in or drop by someone’s desk
  • The same thing happens if they want to cancel that event

We say “no more.” Viibrant allows users to register and manage their events online. They can easily view their events through our intuitive dashboard and change their registration details on the fly. They can claim more tickets to an event, reduce their number of seats claimed, or cancel their attendance all together. No more voicemails or needless forms to fill out. Staff time is saved, and you empower your residents. Win-win.

Dinner Reservations!

Senior residents are serious about their food, especially if a community has a dining room on site that is attached to a meal plan. Meals should be prepared quickly and correctly. If your facility takes reservations offline, members want to make them online without having to pick up the phone, leave a voicemail, or fill out another form.

Viibrant allows users to make dinner reservations that will be confirmed by dining staff. If reservations are filled for a given timeframe, the resident is notified. It’s not rocket science — it just works.

Viibrant has more than 100 features to make resident and staff lives easier and more empowering. What’s your most-requested feature at your community? Send us a message at hello@viibrant.com! We’s love to hear from you.