Viibrant: Technology Built by Seniors, For Seniors
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Viibrant: Technology Built by Seniors, For Seniors

When we say that Viibrant is “Built by residents, for residents,” we mean it.

Every Viibrant we install goes through a rigorous process to establish community needs and wants. Part of that process directly involves residents — meeting them, eating lunch alongside them, and fielding their questions relative to what they need, rather than what other technology solutions offer.

The problem with most technology solutions is that they don’t take residents into consideration when the technology is actually built. Most all so-called “Resident Engagement Solutions” are built by developers and marketers, then slightly tweaked to target a senior demographic. Fancy technology is useless unless people actually use it, and we’re proud to say our software is built from the ground-up exclusively for senior communities.

We’ve spoken with countless communities who say the same thing: “We have a portal and nobody uses it.” That’s because the residents don’t know how, or the functionality is not what the residents actually want.

Viibrant is powered by years of research and guidance from gerontologists, executive staff, and actual end users. As pictured above, we documented the entire pilot program from a senior usability perspective to ensure our system was built to what seniors come to expect from technology — accessibility and flexibility. Multiple residents and staff members contributed to the original software version, which still operates in communities to this day. Why? Because it works, and because it’s what seniors asked for.

Unlike TouchTown and other engagement solutions, Viibrant puts residents first. If we do not have a feature that a community wants, we develop it as part of our implementation. No two communities are alike, so why are you using cookie-cutter systems that overcharge for basic functionality?

Digital signage is just one feature of Viibrant. Power your touchscreen TVs with sliding information so residents can stay in the know. Perfect for dining menus, activity schedules, key announcements, the latest photos and video, and much more. All customized to meet your community’s needs.Viibrant makes it easy to manage digital displays from a single location. No need to worry about multiple logins or passwords — you’ll manage your displays from the same portal as your dining menus, maintenance forms, and events. It’s a one-stop shop!

Work with us to create templates for your kiosks and digital signage, or create your own from scratch with easy-to-use slideshow tools.