Senior Residents, Staff, and the Dreaded “New” Technology
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Senior Residents, Staff, and the Dreaded “New” Technology

“Change” can be a dirty word.

Generally speaking, the most difficult part of implementing new technology is the buy-in. All parties must embrace for a new solution to work effectively. Everyone gets excited about the prospect of something new, but actually launching and having users embrace it is a different story.

This can be especially challenging in a senior community. Though more senior residents are becoming tech-savvy, not everyone is accustomed to the globally connected web world. The mere mention of the word “new” can strike fear in the hearts of both residents and staff.

How It Feels For Residents

Residents are quick to express their opinions on a problem, but aren’t always quick to accept a solution. Residents want better online amenities, but only if they work. Community members worry that something “new” means their conventional processes will be axed.

Further, releasing a platform that isn’t ready and tested is effectively sending it to die. First impressions reign supreme.

That’s why we’ve developed Viibrant to be intuitive for web newbies, and feature-rich to satisfy the wants for power users. It’s all developed within a friendly, accessible environment that looks like the websites that seniors are accustomed to surfing.

How It Feels For Staff

Learning a new system is a tough sell for staff as well. Employees simply do not have the time to learn new technologies that actually add to their workload. Shouldn’t technology work for you? Tools should be simple and to the point. Powerful features are only useful if they’re useable. It takes resources to manage software, and we’re aware of that. The good news is that if you’re accustomed to responding to email or filling out a form, you’re ready to manage Viibrant.

Viibrant is not your typical intranet. We do not bury end users or administrators behind walls of data or rabbit holes. Instead, we provide a logistical flow to features that people will actually use. Viibrant is a tested, proven, senior-focused solution that caters to communities. Our experts can tailor plans to any organization seeking a smooth runway to modern technology.