5 Reasons Why Your Community Needs Viibrant

5 Reasons Why Your Community Needs Viibrant


Every community is unique. We understand that your community doesn’t look like your neighbor’s. There are some that need more features about their dining features, others events, or even social. We get that. This is why Viibrant has been built to fit your community’s needs and desires.

Viibrant’s responsive design ensures optimal page viewing and functionality no matter your device–desktop, tablet or smartphone. Access the portal anywhere on any device with an internet connection!

Our integrated system keeps all departments on the same page. Instant notifications allow inter-department communication. No more sign up sheets or registration books at your event. From now on, your residents register on their portal and your staff gets notified immediately.

Whether your community has 1, 10 or 200 properties, our system can handle it. Our dedicated Viibrant team works around the clock to answer your requests, allowing changes to take days, not months. Created a completely customized system in weeks – not weeks.


You need it, we build it. It is as simple as that. This is how modular our system is and why it embeds with your community’s DNA and culture.